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Steve Aubertin

Managing Director, Goulden Reports, United Kingdom

Review of Market Development & Projected Future Trends for T&D Equipment: 2015 to 2025

Mr. Aubertin specializes in market research and data collection for the electrical power industry. Reports on the world markets for T&D equipment, including HV insulators and bushings, have been issued for over 20 years.

Derrick Brydges

Thermographer, Powerline Solutions, Canada

Classification of Infrared, Corona & Visual Patrol Anomalies

Mr. Brydges received a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Sciences from the University of Guelph and also attained certification in power line maintenance from the Government of Ontario. He started as a Level 1 Thermographer and rose to Level 2 with Hydro One, the transmission grid operator in Ontario. He currently works in helicopter-based inspection of lines.

A.J. (Tony) Carreira

President, K-Line Insulators, Canada

Topic Still in Process

Mr. Carreira received his Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo and has been President of K-Line Insulators since 1990. Prior to that he worked at Ontario Hydro (now Hydro One) in areas encompassing distribution and transmission design, planning, construction and maintenance. He is a member of CIGRE, CSA, CEA and a Senior Member of IEEE. He has chaired the IEEE TF “Guidelines for the In-service Classification of NCI Damage” as well as ESMOL TF on IEEE Std 957 “Guide for Cleaning Insulators”. He was also appointed an Associate Expert of WG 32 and an Associate Member of B2-AG-06. In addition, he sits on various committees, working groups and task forces within these organizations.

William Chisholm

International Consultant, Canada

Topic 1: Using Satellite Maps of Pollution Flux for Improved Insulator Selection & Operation

Topic 2: Achieving Long Service Life from Transmission Line Arresters

Dr. Chisholm is an internationally recognized expert in the effects of adverse weather on overhead power lines, including icing on insulators, lightning and grounding and thermal rating. He has been an IEEE Fellow for almost a decade years – a distinction given after his long career at Ontario Hydro and Kinectrics. He combines his consulting work around the globe with teaching and writing for INMR as well as Wiley & McGraw Hill and also volunteers in the IEEE executive rotation as Chair and Past Chair of the PES T&D Committee.

Alessandro Clerici

Trends in Energy & Electrical Power Worldwide & Impact on Development of T&D Systems

Dr. Clerici graduated in electrical engineering from the Milan Polytechnic Institute and has had over 50 years in the energy sector across many countries with direct participation in projects for some of the most important power systems in the world. Having held important positions in CESI, GE-Sae Sadelmi Group and ABB, he now acts as Senior Corporate Advisor at CESI. In the area of OHTL, he has developed compact lines and upgrading existing line corridors and actively participated in engineering and construction of thousands km of OHTL’s AC and DC. At IEEE, he introduced the concept of transforming AC to DC lines for substantial power upgrading and also contributed to development of the largest electrical systems such as the 1050 kV and the ±800 kV networks in China. His positions in international associations include former Chairman of CIGRE and IEEE WGs and Director of the WEC Task Forces on Interconnections. He is Chair of Integration of Variable RES in power systems, Honorary Chairman of the Italian WEC Committee and of the Federation of Scientific Associations as well as past President of the Italian Electrical Association. He is author or co-author of over 350 papers.

Michele de Nigris

Director, Sustainable Development & Energy Sources, RSE, Italy

Impact of Environmental Constraints on Electrical System Development & Insulation

Mr. de Nigris received his degree in Electric Engineering from the University of Genoa in 1983 and now serves as Director of Sustainable Development & Energy Sources Department at RSE. He was elected Chairman, IEA Technology Collaboration Program ISGAN (International Smart Grids Action Network) at the first Executive Committee Meeting in Seoul. An international leader in the study, research and testing of electrical components for more than 30 years, he represents Italy at international forums such as the former European Electricity Grids Initiative and the IEA End-Use Working Party. He is author or co-author of nearly 100 scientific papers and has been coordinator of the GRID+ project.

chris-engelbrecht Chris Engelbrecht

Sr. Consultant, EPRI International, Netherlands

EPRI R&D on Insulators & Arresters

Mr. Engelbrecht has been internationally active in the field of insulation co-ordination since 1990. He convened CIGRE WG C4.303 that completed the guidelines for selecting HVDC insulators with respect to pollution. He is Convener of CIGRÉ Working Group C4.23 as well as a member of IEC TC36 WG 11.

moritz-giessel Moritz Giessel (in co-operation with Prof. Volker Hinrichsen)

PhD Candidate, TU Darmstadt, Germany

Electro-Thermally Coupled FEM Simulations of HV Station Arresters, With & Without Grading

Mr. Giessel received the Dipl.-Ing. degree in 2012 in Electrical Engineering from the Technische Universität Darmstadt. Since 2013, he has been working as a research associate towards a PhD degree with the university’s high voltage laboratories. His main focus is on experimental and simulative investigations in regard to the thermal stability of high voltage surge arresters.

Jean-François Goffinet

Sr. Expert, Elia Engineering, Belgium

Lessons & Experience Gained During the Stevin Project

Mr. Goffinet works in the Engineering Department at Elia, the Belgian TSO. He has over 15 years experience in the utility business, specializing in overhead line design as well as insulators and is a member of CIGRE Working Groups, Cénélec and ENTSOE. He has been involved in over 10 published papers.

Stanislaw Gubanski

Professor, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Insulator Materials Toward Development of Insulators of the Future

Professor Gubanski leads the High Voltage Engineering Division at Chalmers University of Technology. His research activities over many years have concentrated on developing reliable, cost efficient and environmentally-friendly components for electric power networks by introducing new material solutions into insulation systems. New measurement techniques for evaluating performance and diagnosing condition of insulation have been another key area of his activity. Special attention has concentrated on HVDC insulation. He is a Fellow of IEEE and a distinguished member of CIGRE.

igor-gutman Igor Gutman

Sr. Expert & Manager Insulation, STRI, Sweden

Topic 1: Biological Growths on Composite Insulators

Topic 2: Innovative Test Techniques to Verify Corona, Pollution & Ice/Snow Performance of Insulation Structures

Dr. Gutman received his MSc and PhD in high voltage engineering from Leningrad Polytechnic Institute and has developed his professional experience over more than 32 years – starting at the Leningrad HVDC Power Transmission Research Institute where he worked as Senior Researcher. His subsequent work became closely connected with outdoor line and station insulation, particularly composite insulators. In 1994 he joined STRI where his main areas of activity are optimal dimensioning and maintenance of outdoor insulation intended to operate in clean and polluted environments; ageing characteristics and accelerated ageing tests. He has published extensively on these topics with more than 170 papers and is a Senior Member of IEEE since 2005. At present he is also a member of Swedish IEC TC 36 “Insulators”, Distinguished Member of CIGRE and active in working groups within CIGRE/IEC/IEEE, being a Convener of CIGRE WG D1.44. In 2011, he became Honorary Professor at St. Petersburg Power Engineering Institute of Professional Development (PEIPK) and was also the 2012 recipient of the Claude de Tourreil Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Field of Electrical Insulators. He is the 2013 recipient of IEC 1906 Awards in recognition of his services to international technical standards and became a Distinguished Member of CIGRE in 2014.

klaus-dieter-haim Klaus-Dieter Haim

Dean, Electrical Eng. Dept., Zittau-Görlitz University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Technology Trends in Cable & Connector Design & Impact on Accessories

Professor Haim studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Zittau earning his Doctor’s degree in 1985 in the field of MV network design and optimization. His career covered a diverse range of assignments, from a research project for EDF to serving as a Professor in Algeria. Between 1994 and 2005, he worked as Head of Production for medium voltage cable accessories at Cellpack before assuming his current position. He is a Sr. Fellow for electrical power systems and networks and Dean of the Electrical Engineering Department at University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz.

kjell-halsan Kjell Halsan

Section Chief, Transmission Dept., Statnett, Norway

Challenges & Lessons from the Western Corridor Project

Mr. Halsan received his Master of Science in Electrical Power Engineering from the University of Science and Technology in Trondheim and has been involved in transmission line engineering at Statnett since 1988. Active in various research projects on electrical components and development of engineering tools for designing transmission lines, he been Manager of Electromechanical Section since 2000. He has also served as Norwegian National member of CIGRE SC B2 (Transmission Lines) and is Convener of WG 47 ‘Remedial action for aged fittings and conductor repair’.

jorge-hollman Jorge Hollman

Specialist Engineer, Transmission & Stations Planning, BC Hydro, Canada

Mitigating Switching Surges Using Surge Arresters & Point On Wave Controllers

Dr. Hollman received his PhD from the University of British Columbia, researching power system modelling and real-time simulation. After working for Schlumberger and UBC, he joined BC Hydro, where he conducts analytical studies applied to transients, post disturbance analysis and also helps develop equipment specifications.

lars-jonsson Lars Jonsson

Sr. Technical Specialist, ABB, Sweden

Changes to IEC 60137 & Recent CIGRÉ Study on Transformer Reliability

Mr. Jonsson has been closely involved with transformer components and their applications for 25 years. His experience includes design, product development and a large number of field investigations. He is also the Convenor of IEC SC 36/JMT5, responsible for bushing standards IEC 60137 and IEC 62199. Mr. Jonsson has presented numerous technical papers related to bushings and on-load tap-changers at events such as INMR, CIGRÉ, IEEE and TechCon.

thomas-klein Thomas Klein

Managing Director, STRESCON, Germany

Specific Requirements & Techniques for Designing Dry-Type Cable Terminations

Dr. Klein received his PhD from the Institute of Power Transmission & High Voltage Technology at the University of Stuttgart. After working briefly at the surge arrester division of ABB, he became Research Assistant at his former university. In 2004, he was appointed Head of Product Management for cable accessories at Pfisterer, eventually rising to become Managing Director of Pfisterer Kontaktsysteme & General Manager of the Cable System Division. He is Founder of Strescon, a firm that develops technologies for cable accessories.

jens-lambrecht Jens Lambrecht

Technical Manager, Wacker Chemie, Germany

Topic Still in Process

Dr. Lambrecht studied radio and power engineering, earning a doctorate degree from Dresden University of Technology. Since that time, he has made his career as a development engineer for silicone cable accessories as well as a specialist in application engineering for silicones for both medium and high voltage applications. He has been with Wacker Chemie since 2005.

liang-xidong Liang Xidong

Professor, Electrical Engineering Dept., Tsinghua University, China

Topic Still in Process

Professor LIANG Xidong is China’s pre-eminent researcher and expert in the field of composite insulators and also among the country’s leading academics teaching power engineering at Tsinghua University in Beijing. With more than 25 years R&D experience in this field, he is influential in local standards setting bodies for insulators, represents China at CIGRE and has been closely involved with INMR Congresses going back to 2001.

frederic-maciela Frédéric Maciela

R&D Project Manager, HV Power Generation Substation Equipment, EDF, France

Mitigating Ground Potential Rise on Towers Using Line Arresters

Mr. Maciela graduated in Electronics & Electrical Engineering from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts et Métiers and later in Advanced Computing from the Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Electricité. He joined EDF’s Les Renardieres R&D Labs in 1993 as a research engineer in the field of polymeric-housed surge arresters for medium to high voltage networks. After conducting studies for 15 years in the fields of live line work, insulation and control of overvoltages on overhead lines and at substations, he is now Project Manager dealing with HV equipment at EDF power generation substations. He is a member of IEC TC37 MT4 and has been part of the French National Committee UF37 (surge arresters) since 1993.

Massimo Marzinotto
Massimo Marzinotto

Design Engineer, Terna, Italy

Line & Station Insulators in Transmission Systems: A Question of Confidence

Dr. Marzinotto received his Master and PhD degrees in electrical engineering at La Sapienza University in Rome, after which he joined the Electrical Engineering Department for several years. Since 2008 he has been with the Engineering Department of Italian TSO, Terna, with main interests in high voltage polymeric materials, power cables, insulators, applied statistics, insulation coordination and transients. He is a member of IEEE-DEIS, IEEE-PES, EPRI, CIGRE and the Italian Electrotechnical Committee and is active in different IEEE Committees and CIGRE WGs. He is also Manager of EPRI Technology Transfer for Terna and author of international publications on IEEE transactions and conferences as well as co-author of Extruded Cables for High Voltage Direct Current Transmission: Advances in Research & Development (2013).

konstantin-papiliou Konstantin Papailiou

Past Chairman, CIGRE SC Overhead lines, Switzerland

Role of Composite Insulators in Innovative Tower Solutions, Line Uprating & Upgrading

Dr. Papailiou received his doctorate degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zürich and his post-doctoral qualification as lecturer (Dr.-Ing. habil.) from the Technical University of Dresden. Until his retirement at the end of 2011 he was CEO of the Pfisterer Group, a company he has served for more than 25 years. He is past Chairman of the CIGRE Study Committee ‘Overhead Lines’ and has published numerous papers and co-authored the EPRI Book ‘Wind-Induced Conductor Motion’ as well as a monography on ‘Silicone Composite Insulators’. He is also the Editor of the first CIGRE ‘Green Book on Overhead Lines’ and the Editor-in-Chief of ‘CIGRE Science & Engineering’.

Fabrice Perrot Fabrice Perrot

Technology Programmes, Grid Solutions, GE Energy Connections, United Kingdom

Key Challenges of HVDC Insulation Systems

Dr. Perrot graduated in Electronics from the Université de Savoie, France, and then in HV Power Systems from Brighton Polytechnic before going on to obtain his PhD in ZnO varistors from the University of Brighton. He joined EA Technology Ltd. in 1994 in the field of accelerated ageing of HV outdoor insulation and since 1999 has been with Alstom T&D/Areva T&D/Alstom Grid/GE Grid Solutions – all in Stafford. His various roles have included R&D in HV technology, materials and nanotechnologies for both AC and DC applications. He is a member of IET Midlands Power Group, UHVNet, BSi, IEC, several CIGRE WGs and since 2005 has been Technical Chairman of INSUCON.

alberto-pigini Alberto Pigini

Consultant, Italy

Shielding Electrodes for HVDC

Dr. Pigini received a Doctoral Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Milan. He worked for more than 35 years at CESI, first as a researcher, then as Research Manager and finally as Division Director, responsible for a number of aspects of HV electrical system, including environmental impact and generation. He is a Distinguished Member of CIGRE, Fellow of IEEE and active in various WG and Committees at these bodies. He now acts as a consultant to international clients and is a Columnist for INMR.

iryani-mohamed-rawi Iryani Mohamed Rawi

Senior Engineer (Overhead Lines), Engineering Dept., TNB Transmission Div., Malaysia

Arrester Technology Improves Transmission Line Performance: Experience in Malaysia

Ms. Rawi (P.Eng) received a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Since 2002 she has worked in the Engineering Department of the Transmission Division at Tenaga Nasional Berhad. She is responsible for design and innovation of transmission lines equipment and is also currently pursuing her doctoral study focusing on transmission line protection against lightning. Her main areas of interest include transmission line engineering & design, surge arresters and lightning protection on power systems.

Alberto Rodrigues de Sousa

Senior Transmission Engineer, TAESA, Brazil

Topic Still in Progress

Mr. Sousa received his Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais (PUC Minas) and is also a specialist in Project Management from IBMEC, currently specializing in Geoprocessing at PUC Minas. With more than 10 years experience in transmission line maintenance, he joined TAESA in 2012 where he is responsible for providing maintenance solutions for OHL, including related R&D projects. He is active in CIGRÉ Brazil WG-B2-03 – Insulators.

jens-seifert Jens Seifert

Managing Director, LIKE Business Unit, Lapp Insulators, Germany

Standards Follow Innovations: Reviewing Progress in Insulator Technology & Need for Standards

After obtaining his PhD from TU Braunschweig in 1998, Dr. Seifert joined CeramTec as Head of the Design Department and this role expanded to include the R&D function once the firm was acquired by Lapp Insulators. Since 2014, he is the firm’s Managing Director and CTO. Dr. Seifert serves as Chairman of IEC TC 36 Insulators and is also Convenor of CIGRE Working Groups D1.58 and D1.59.

georg-simson Georg Simson

Technical Manager, Wacker Chemie, Germany

Topic Still in Process

Dr. Simson received his PhD in chemistry at the Technical University of Munich and began his career with a German catalyst manufacturer in South Africa and later a consulting company based in Hamburg. He joined Wacker Chemie in 2011 as Technical Manager for Transmission and Distribution in the Industrial Solutions business team. Since 2014, he has been Technical Manager for the market segment Energy in Business Rubber Solutions Team at Wacker Silicones.

alberto-sironi Alberto Sironi

CESI Group, Italy

Topic Still in Process

Dr. Sironi received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Milan Polytechnic in 1988 and joined CESI where he now has 25 years of experience in testing surge arresters. He has been involved in national and international standardization bodies for surge arresters and is Chairman of TC 37 “surge arresters” of the Italian Electrotechnical Committee (CEI) and a Member of IEC 37 MT4. He has also been active in testing and standardization of electrical components such as insulators, switchgear and circuit breakers.

Brian D Sparling
Brian D. Sparling

Regional Manager, Dynamic Ratings, Canada

Detecting On-Line Partial Discharge in OIP Bushings & Oil-Filled CTs

Mr. Sparling has over 20 years experience in the field of power and distribution transformers during which he has been involved in all aspects of their on-line condition assessment. He has authored or co-authored numerous technical papers on topics dealing with monitoring and diagnostics of transformers. A Senior Member of IEEE, he has worked on guides and standards with the Canadian Electricity Association as well as IEEE and CIGRÉ A2 Transformer Committees.

eros-stella Eros Stella

HV Laboratory & Testing Manager, GE Grid Solutions, Italy

Design & Testing Station Insulators from Icing Point of View

Mr. Stella graduated from Padua University as an Electrical Engineer and has worked since 2005 for Alstom Grid in several roles including R&D Project Manager. His current position is that of HV Laboratory and Testing Manager and he has been responsible for accreditation of the Alstom High Voltage Laboratory in Noventa di Piave. He is a nominated member of Working Group IEC TC 17/SC 17A/MT 49 and is also a member of the Italian Electrotechnical Committee. He is holder of three patent applications and, in 2014, was awarded Bronze Medal in the “Small but Smart” category of the Alstom Innovation Awards for his project ‘Digital mechanism and wireless measurement system on HV disconnectors’.

eros-stella Andrei Szabo

Marketing Manager, Wacker Chemie, Germany

Topic Still in Process

Mr. Szabo received his MSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Oradea and his MBA from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. After several years spent at a leading chipmaker, he joined Wacker Chemie in 2005 and has since been fulfilling Sales and Marketing positions related to silicone rubber materials. In 2014 he was appointed Marketing Manager for Energy Applications in the Business Team Rubber Solutions at Wacker Silicones.

bjarni-helgi-thorsteinsson Bjarni Helgi Thorsteinsson

Electromechanical Section, Transmission Line Dept., Statnett, Norway

Electrical Design of New ±525 kV Line in Norway

Mr. Thorsteinsson graduated with an MSc in electrical power systems and high voltage engineering from Aalborg University. He has been working at Statnett since 2014, primarily on new OHL projects, where he has been responsible for electromechanical design of the new 525 kV HVDC line (Nord.Link) – part of the submarine interconnection between Germany and Norway. His main interests lie in insulation coordination and electrical field studies, primarily corona.

uberto-vercelotti Uberto Vercelotti

Testing & Certification Div., CESI Group, Italy

Safety Aspects of MV / HV Underground Cables & Accessories in Urban Areas

Dr. Vercellotti received is PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Milan Polytechnic in 1984 and joined CESI in 1985. He has gained 30 years of experience in the cable sector where he has been engaged in testing different cables and accessories. He is also involved in standardization bodies such as CENELEC and IEC and has served as Chairman of IEC TC 89 ‘Fire Hazard Testing’.

bas-verhoeven Bas Verhoeven

Director Business Development, Research & Innovation, DNV GL KEMA Laboratories, Netherlands

Assessing Risk that Price Pressures on Manufacturers Leads to Lower Quality & Future Problems

Mr. Verhoeven received an MSc degree in Power Engineering from the Eindhoven University of Technology before joining KEMA in 1991 as R&D specialist on digital protection systems for high voltage power networks. Starting 1995, he worked as a consultant on international projects for high voltage power network design and protection. He was appointed as manager of KEMA’s High Voltage Laboratory in 2000 and under his guidance it grew to become the world’s largest commercially operated laboratory. In 2011 he was appointed Director of KEMA Laboratories, including the High Power Laboratory and the High Voltage Laboratory. Mr. Verhoeven now holds the position of Director for Business Development, Research & Innovation. He is a member of the Board of the NEC, the Dutch IEC, as well as Chairman of the international Short Circuit Test Liaison (STL) and has authored numerous papers on testing and certification of power components.

larry-vogt Larry Vogt

Consultant, Florida Power & Light, United States

30 Year Performance Overview of Arrester Housing Materials

Mr. Vogt is a consulting engineer with an extensive background in both distribution and transmission systems. He received his BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Columbia and is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Florida. Over the past 35 years, his career at Florida Power and Light has focused on high voltage equipment and systems and he spent 14 years as the distribution product engineer for arresters, transformers, OH hardware, grounding systems, capacitor banks, network protectors and Insulators. During that time he coordinated a study for FPL on condition assessment of distribution arresters using thermal imaging. He has also been the lead engineer for bulk transmission substations and T&D Supervisor. Mr. Vogt has been a member of the IEEE Surge Protective Devices Committee for more than 15 years and retired from FPL to devote more time to independent projects in power systems.

dan-windmar Dan Windmar

Vice President, STRI, Sweden

Topic Still in Process

Dr. Windmar received a Ph.D. degree in high voltage engineering from Uppsala University in Sweden. His professional experience includes extensive work in such areas as insulators (production, testing, materials), high power testing, high voltage testing and dielectric insulation. He has held several managment positions at ABB and since 2009 has served as Vice President, Testing at STRI.

jonathan-woodworth Jonathan Woodworth

Founder, ArresterWorks, United States

Applying Transmission Line Arresters to Mitigate Lightning Induced Damage to Co-Located Pipelines

Mr. Woodworth is founding partner of ArresterWorks, a 10-year old independent consulting firm. His areas of specialization include insulation coordination studies, surge arrester design and application issues and arrester forensic analysis. He has written more than 35 columns and articles for INMR on surge arresters since 2008 and is Convenor of IEEE Working Group and co-Convenor of IEC Working Group responsible for High Voltage Arrester Test Standards. He has been active in this industry since 1980 when he first joined Cooper Power Systems.

dong-wu Dong Wu

Sr. Specialist, ABB, Sweden

Innovations, Developments & Remaining Challenges for UHV Insulator Design

Dr. Wu has had a long career with extensive experience including research in the area of high voltage insulation and power electronics at China EPRI, the Royal Institute of Technology and STRI. He joined ABB HVDC in Sweden in 1998 where he is responsible for the company’s insulation design on HVDC and UHVDC projects. He is active in several IEC and CIGRE Working Groups dealing with high voltage insulation.

marvin-l-zimmerman Marvin L. Zimmerman

Publisher, INMR & Chairman of 2017 INMR WORLD CONGRESS

Review of 25 Years’ Development of the World’s Insulator Industry

Mr. Zimmerman holds a BSc in Chemistry and also an MBA in International Business from McGill University in Montreal. After a 15-year career as Principal of a firm of consultants specializing in international marketing, in 1993 he founded INMR – a technical journal covering the field of insulators and other network components used on lines and at substations. He is INMR’s Editor and Publisher and also organizer of the INMR WORLD CONGRESS, held every two years since 1995.